Attic Ventilation

Attic Ventilation is an integral part of any thermal or radiant attic insulation system.

Don’t be mislead; heat gain and moisture build up in an attic degrades attic insulation performance and proper attic ventilation is essential to attic insulation performance. The increase in performance of a properly ventilated attic will amaze even the so called experts.

Superior’s Ridge Master Plus makes attic heat gain work for you.

When an attic heats up the heat naturally begins to rise up and out the ridge vent pulling fresh outside replacement air in through the soffit vents. No power, no noise, no moving parts, no operational cost. Solar power vents, electric power vents, turbine vents and even gable vents many times are part of the a comprehensive solution, yet in most cases they alone do not provide for balance ventilation. Spot ventilation is better than no ventilation however Superior ventilation is balanced.

Superior balanced ventilation is best achieved with Ridge Master Plus ventilation (exhaust) system in conjunction with soffit/eave vents to supply vital replacement air. With soffit/eve vents properly sized, spaced and installed in overhangs Superior’s signature “black” vent chutes are then installed along with insulation blocks to protect the vital replacement air flow from obstruction by blown insulation, therefore maintaining specified Attic Net Free Air Space requirements. The results are greater comfort and greater savings. It’s a Superior Solution!