Superior Super Seal

Superior Super Seal *

Spray Foam Insulation sealant and Elastomeric Sealants are applied accurately and economically direct to all detected air infiltration passages between the attic and the home.

Superior uses a process called “blackout”. We darken the attic and shine a bright light up from each individual room below, concentrating our efforts on fans, vent registers, light fixtures and all ceiling penetrations. We then simply “blackout” all light passages using Spray Foam Insulation, Fire Rated Caulk or Construction Rated Sealants. This process not only improves thermal performance but also improves IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

SPF-Spray Foam Insulation is very expensive and it is very hazardous to all. See Oct. 2011 post. Air sealing is important but the use of SPF in a home should be limited to air infiltration. Superior Super Seal, our innovative spray foam insulation service adds great value and is changing the way attic air infiltration is contained. Our superior approach greatly reduces the use, risk and cost of spray foam insulation while gaining the benefits of reduced air movement between the attic and the home. It saves energy, lowers cost and reduces the transfer of attic contaminates into your home.

It’s a Superior solution. Blown fiberglass attic insulation with HVAC duct coverage* can now be applied with confidence, Superior confidence.