New Construction Walls

At Superior Home Insulation we take wall insulation and air infiltration seriously!

Our exclusive Superior Super Seal process is a combination of SPF and High Performance (R-15/R-21) Kraft Face Stapled Fiberglass Wall Batts. The Superior Super Seal process applies low pressure, window and door rated, Spray Foam Insulation precisely to air infiltration areas in the wall system and inside the wall cavity. Sealing the studs to the exterior sheathing with our “picture frame” method of applying SPF, the entire stud wall cavity becomes air tight. We then seal up all other plumbing, wiring, and any other random sheathing or framing penetrations prior to installing safe and effective High Performance Fiberglass Insulation.

With Superior Super Seal there is no air infiltration! This eliminates the risk of toxic off-gassing, fire, and moisture build up that is associated with excessive use of Spray Foam Insulation. Our Superior process of insulating doesn’t stop there. We then install state of the art, formaldehyde free Fiberglass Kraft Face Stapled Wall Batts. Fiberglass is the proven leader in insulation industry and for many good reasons. Fiberglass Insulation is one of the most tested products in history. It offers great thermal resistance-R-Factor. Fiberglass doesn’t burn, it absorbs virtually no moisture and it does not have Flame Retardants and other Toxic Chemicals associated with Spray Foam that present such potential harm to workers and building occupants.

According to all published insulating best practices, face stapling; stapling the Kraft flange to the face of the studs, creates a Superior Seal and a Superior thermal wall insulation system. Apple Energy* reports that face stapling alone can account for as much as a 40% increase in thermal performance. Combine this performance increase with Superior Super Seal air infiltration system and you have a proven High Performance wall insulation that is safe, risk free, and affordable! Superior Home Insulation is a proven performer! It may take more time for us to do all the work necessary to properly insulate but we can make time for your home. All our insulation mechanics are paid to do the job the Superior Way! We never pay our workers a “piece rate” or by the “square foot” because we know that haste makes for a poor job! Paying our employees hourly/weekly is key to our success. We get much less turnover and Superior Performance from our highly trained, experienced insulation mechanics. Everyone a Superior will take the time necessary to achieve Superior Performance and make your home a Superior Home!