Superior Insulated Siding

Heartland CedarMax Insulated Siding and Alside Prodigy Insulated Siding have raised the bar in home exterior products.

Heartland CedarMax is rated the #1 insulated siding and is a complete exterior finish system that integrates Heartland’s exclusive Super Polymer Formulation with rigid foam insulation for performance that goes far beyond ordinary siding. Alside Prodigy is perhaps the finest most evolved siding product ever made.

More and more architects, builders and homeowners are choosing energy and maintenance efficient Insulated Siding. Insulated Siding is a low cost, low maintenance, energy efficient product that offers such great style, color selection and durability; it is truly a superior innovation.
Insulated siding adds another layer of insulation and moisture protection to the structure while greatly reducing outside noise. The higher R(factor or value), excellent impact resistance and greater structural integrity of insulated siding reduce energy cost while improving comfort, ascetics and performance.

Count the costs that come when using fiber cement or brick: When using fiber cement; extensive caulking, painting, re-caulking, re-painting, higher cost of transportation, handling and higher original installation cost and one must never forget the health risk of working with fiber cement dust. When using brick: higher transportation and labor cost and bricks outrageous capacity to retain heat. Heat that continues to degrade exterior wall insulation performance long after the sun goes down. Fiber cement adds virtual no thermal insulation value and brick actually reduces the wall’s thermal insulation performance.

The combined benefits and attributes of CedarMax and Prodigy Insulated Siding clearly make them a Superior solution.