Consultation & Inspection

Our Superior Attic Inspection insures that vital performance areas are addressed. Homeowner value and satisfaction are always our guide. We call it determination through diligence, it's the Superior Solution. Superior Home Insulation determines through diligent inspection most common attic insulation defects with the use of our exclusive Superior Attic Inspection Check List.

Inspections and Certifications are also available for Home Mortgage, FHA, HUD and other funders.

Superior Attic Inspection Check List

We determine:

  • Access to and square footage of all attic area(s) that require insulation
  • Recommended R Factors and observed limitations
  • Type, condition, avg. depth and R-Factor of existing insulation
  • IC rating of existing recessed light fixtures
  • All heat clearance/stand-off requirements
  • Air infiltration passages to the home
  • Recommended NFA ventilation requirements and observed limitations
  • Type, condition and NFA provided by existing ventilation system
  • Recommended HVAC duct R Factors and observed limitations
  • Type, condition, avg. height, and R-factor of existing HVAC Duct system
  • Integrity of HVAC Duct connections

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