HVAC Duct Coverage

HVAC Duct Coverage is an innovation that Superior Home Insulation has pioneered.

The “Duct Coverage” option with blown attic insulation is easy and saves energy dollars. Our practice of “covering” or “burying” all or part of the HVAC duct system located in an attic is highly effective. It is a Superior Solution. Most existing HVAC duct work is rated a mere R-3 and only recently has new duct wrap insulation been increased to R-6.

Clearly distributing conditioned air inside R-3 or R-6 ducts in the hostile environment of an attic where temperatures range from well below freezing up to 140 degrees needs rethinking. Today recommended attic R values generally range from R-30 to R-50 depending on the region. One can clearly see the duct insulation problem, yet most HVAC ducts are installed far too high to affordably cover with blown insulation.

Many times huge ducts are used and must be left completely exposed high up in the truss bracing because “split/multiple HVAC systems” were not specified or installed. At best only the top half of HVAC ducts are left exposed above attic insulation with only the R-3 or R-6 duct wrap between the costly conditioned air conduit and the opposing extreme temperatures of an attic. Superior Home Insulation Duct Coverage Option is only available with the purchase of Blown Attic Insulation of R-38 or greater. Some limiting conditions may apply. Please contact us for details.