Superior Windows and Doors

Replacement Windows & Doors are being installed all across the nation; it’s out with the old and in with the new as Americans wake up to the truth about their windows and doors. A Superior home demands a Superior window and Superior Vinyl Replacement Windows are one of the best investments you can make. Our windows are built to our exact specifications and are up to 1400% more energy efficient than aluminum frames. Superior has the best fabricators in the industry building the best windows on the market. Superior purchases thousands of custom made windows from select fabricators each year and we control all window specifications. We “trust but verify” all details and insure that you get the best window for your home and the window you paid for. Not all windows qualify for the Energy Tax Credit and not all windows are Superior Vinyl Windows. A simple but profound example; Low-E is effective only if the correct grade is specified for the region the window will ultimately serve in. Low-E must be verified to actually be on the windows; and Low-E must be applied on the correct glass surface(s) of the IG.

What makes a Superior Vinyl Replacement Window?

Superior specification, fabrication and diligent verification:

  • Multi chamber fusion weld virgin vinyl frame
  • Slope seal
  • Steel reinforced meeting rail
  • Stainless Steel Constant Force Balance*
  • 3x triple moisture weep protection
  • 3x triple weather stripping
  • 2x Double Strength PPG Glass*
  • ¾” min. Double Glazed Insulated Glass
  • PPG Super Seal* Warm Edge Technology
  • PPG ClimaTech* Low-E/Argon gas

Standard and custom shapes and sizes are available: Single and Double Hung, Sliders, Bay, Bow, Picture, Garden, and Casement.

Who makes a Superior Vinyl Replacement Window? Superior only selects vinyl window fabricators that consistently meet or beat Superior specifications.
Alside Window and Door consistently meets our strict specifications and are exclusively available in our region at Superior Home Insulation.

Superior Home Insulation Warranty
All products we install and every service we provide is backed by Superior Home Insulation’s exclusive, Our Fault Warranty : It’s the Superior way!

‘Your fault, our fault, anybody’s fault, we take care of it.’