Insulation Removal

Attic Insulation Vacuum Removal is an excellent service that is demanded by many knowledgeable homeowners. PRO-HD Vacuum equipment is used to remove all existing loose fill insulation and vacuum clean the attic floor. Thermal insulation is a heat sink and over time attic insulation settles and becomes packed and loses its ability to trap air and to provide adequate thermal resistance.

Losing R-Factor however is only one concern. Wet, moldy, dusty, feces and chemical laden insulation can be removed and with it your family’s health risks can be greatly reduced. Cellulose insulation in particular is being removed by many concerned homeowners because cellulose absorbs moisture when the humidity is high; it gains weight, settles and looses R factor. When hot dry conditions prevail, cellulose bakes in the attic, dries out and sheds its toxic chemical dust. This cycle repeats over and over again.

Cellulose contains powder chemical additives to reduce fire hazard and resist moisture absorption, but cellulose remains combustible and still absorbs moisture. Cellulose also contains poison powders to repel rodents, roaches and other vermin that are attracted to the “starch” present in paper. These additives create toxic chemical dust that leaches out of cellulose insulation and falls onto the attic floor; there it may enter your home through numerous tiny unsealed air passages and penetrations in ceiling materials.

Negative pressure inside your home can actually draw or suck toxic insulation dust down into the living areas of your home. Once the attic is vacuum cleaned, preparations for adding Superior Home Insulation continue.